Micropayments als Retter der Medienbranche

Von Ralf Keuper

Können Micropayments so etwas wie der Rettungsanker für die Geschäftsmodelle der Medienbranche sein? Diese Frage wird seit einiger Zeit kontrovers diskutiert.

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Auf ein wesentliches Problem bei der Verwendung von Micropayments als (Haupt-)Einnahmequelle macht Terry Flew in Ad blockers are here to stay, micropayments less so aufmerksam:

But the providers of quality content typically require a stable source of income – the “gig economy” model is less likely to work for detailed analysis of a subject than it is for quick, real time reporting on particular event. .. And for that kind of work, they require either cash up front, or the security of other forms of full-time employment (a news organisation, a university etc.). The personal risks of doing such stories in the subsequent hope that people will pay for them are simply too great. This is one of the reasons why the situation for public service media is better, not worse, than it was two decades ago. We have seen how vulnerable the business models of commercial media have turned out to be, in terms of generating content, attracting paying consumers, and being able to recruit and retain talent.

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